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 Nidaros Blues Festival,

Direkte fra Deep Down Mississippi kommer International Blues Challenge Award-vinder, Castro Coleman alias Mr. Sipp "The Mississippi Blues Child”. 

Med sig på turen har han den nye cd "Knock A Hole In It", som udgives 7. april på legendariske Malaco Records.

Mr. Sipp brager som en lynild i disse uger over de landsdækkende amerikanske TV skærme i serien om "Sun Records", hvor han agerer en ung BB KING. (se link længere nede)

Mr. Sipp begyndte at spille guitar som 6-årig og er sidste nye skud på stammen af amerikanske top bluesguitarister. Den 39-årige sanger, guitarist, komponist, producer og entertainer fejer som en tornado hen over festivaler og koncertsale verden over og begejstrer overalt sammen med det vanvittigt sammenspillede band.

Bland lidt BB. KING med et stænk Albert Collins, tilsæt lidt Buddy Guy og en smule James Brown og bum…. Mr. Sipp råt for usødet!! Et sandt orgie af blues, soul, funk og rock 'n' roll!

Forrige album "The Mississippi Blues Child" vandt “Blues Music Award”. Det har været et forrygende år for Mr. Sipp. Han gjorde rent bord og fik hattrick ved bl.a. at vinde JMAs årlige pris som årets mandlige artist, årets artist og årets nationale artist. Musikken er hans liv, men han har også slået sine folder som skuespiller i bl.a. filmen om James Brown ”Get On Up”.

Shirley Warring fra Vicksburg Blues Society siger bl.a. om Mr. Sipp “ … Han er en gammel bluessjæl i en ung mands krop, en usædvanlig talentfuld musiker og entertainer, der bringer musikken på nye højder.

Du er simpelthen nødt til at høre, læse og se en masse mere om fænomenet Castro Coleman - the guy they call Mr. Sipp, "The Mississippi Blues Child”. 

Mr. Sipp Gui/voc./keyboard
Jeff Flanagan Bass
Marquavius Frieson Drums
Social Facebook
Hjemmeside www.mrsipptmbc.net
Pladeselskab Malaco Records
Video from upcoming album  “Stalking Me” 
TV serie på CMT om "Sun Records" Sipp spiller den unge BB KING
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Youtube 1 Live @ IBC Finals
Youtube 2 Live in studio
Youtube 3 Live @ Ospel Blues Festival

To say that the past three years have been a whirlwind for Castro Coleman, aka Mr Sipp, would be an understatement. In 2013 he was a finalist in the International Blues Challenge and released his first CD titled "It's My Guitar", in 2014 he was again a finalist in the International Blues Challenge - and this time not only did he win the competition but he also took the Gibson Best Guitarist title as well, and after having toured the world, here he is in early 2015 with his second CD - "The Mississippi Blues Child". A note on Mr. Sipps's bio states that "He's living the life he loves, Music".....and If I were to add to that I'd say he's doing it quite happily. Good for you Mr. Sipp.

On "The Mississippi Blues Child", Mr. Sipp - who plays guitar and sings lead vocals on all tracks plus bass, keyboards and background vocals on another - is joined by: Damien Strauder on organ and background vocals; Jeffery Flannigan on bass and background vocals; Stanley Dixon on drums and background vocals; Michael Thomas on organ; Timothy Henderson & Murph Caidado on drums; Chris Gill on slide guitar; Kimble Funchess on trumpet; Jessie Primer on saxophones; Will Brown on trombone; and the Malaco Staff on crowd vocals. Of the fourteen tracks, which feature diverse styles of music, all but one are Castro Coleman originals.

Speaking of bios, the opening track, which is titled "TMBC" - the acronym for The Mississippi Blues Child, is just that. The song tells the story of Mr. Sipp's musical path from a 6 yr. old boy to the present day and it details how he went from preachers telling he'd burn in hell for playing this style of music to playing it for audiences all over the world. It's a smoker that features monstrous guitar work by Mr. Sipp, and intense rhythm - led by Timothy's relentless drumming.

"Jump The Broom" could very well be the disc's best track as far as the guitar work is concerned. Mr. Sipp on lead & rhythm, Chris on slide and Jeffrey on bass are collectively killing it. Not only was this good listening but the song taught me a history lesson as well. The lyrics made it obvious that the term "jump the broom" had some symbolic meaning that was unbeknownst to me. After looking it up, I now know that in African tradition "jumping the broom" is a symbol of sweeping away the old and welcoming the new, or a symbol of new beginnings. Yes, you do learn something new every day.

"Say The Word" is that track that has the killer combination of featuring the disc's best blues and doing it in the longest time.....and that's always a beautiful thing. With Michael's perpetual organ leading a hushed rhythm behind him, this one's pretty much all Mr. Sipp. The song opens with a fancy little guitar run that settles down into the most serious of slow blues licks and from then on, the next six minutes are pure slow blues heaven. Vocally, Mr. Sipp's slowly and emotionally pouring his heart out to his lady in hopes of finding out just where he stands. My ultimate description of these kind of songs is to simply say that this is "Song Of The Year" material and this one truly is. Great stuff!

The next two tracks are topically and musically similar, and they do make for a good segue. On the first one, Mr. Sipp is tired of people telling him what to do with his money. As a matter of fact: he's gonna tell his bill collectors he ain't payin' no bills this week; He's gonna spend it how he wants to and buy himself a treat; and after that he's gonna find himself a casino and gamble it all away. You see, It ain't "Nobody's Bisness" (sic) what he does with his shit! This one's fast, furious, funky and funny.

Maybe that trip to the casino didn't turn out exactly as planned. You see, in this song Mr. Sipp has a pile of money 'cause he hit the "Jackpot". Now he's really telling everyone where to go. Trouble is, it's only a dream. The horn guys are all over this classic R&B style track.

On "What Is Love" I'm hearing a whole new Mr. Sipp and I'm loving it. This is soul music at it's best. Mr. Sipp's smooth, emotional, falsetto lead vocals, combined with the melodic background vocals, certainly make it one of the better sung songs on the disc. Real nice!

Another very similar and equally beautiful song is "Tonight". On this one Mr. Sipp shows some extraordinary vocal versatility as he starts off with a Barry White type of intro, then in between a few higher heavenly sounding verses he throws in a bit of an Al Jarreau style of scat. From what I'm hearing, Mr. Sipp might just be ready to contradict the title of his first CD - "It's My Guitar" - by titling his next one "It's My Voice".

Other outstanding tracks on "The Mississippi Blues Child" include: "In The Fire", "Hole In My Heart", "Sipp Slide", "V.I.P.", "Hold It In The Road", "Be Careful" and "Too Much Water". As Music On The Couch's Vinny Marini so precisely stated, this mixed bag of music is "the gumbo of the blues”.

So by now you should be ready to head over to www.mrsipptmbc.net because you need to hear, read and see a lot more about Castro Coleman - the guy they call Mr. Sipp, "The Mississippi Blues Child”.

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